Hose assembly crimping process: proper operation methods and techniques

hose assembly

Hydraulic hose assembly is an indispensable part of hydraulic system, used to connect hydraulic components and transfer hydraulic oil. Proper buckling of the hose assembly can ensure the safe and stable operation of the hydraulic system. In the following, we will introduce the process of hydraulic hose assembly buckling.

  • Preparation

Before buckling the hose assembly, you need to prepare tools and materials, including buckling machine, buckling die, hose assembly, pipe cutter, internal and external clamps, clamp pressing tool, oil brusher, hydraulic oil, etc.

  • Cutting hose

According to the required length and angle, use the hose cutting machine to cut the hose to the right length and chamfer the end of the hose.

  • Installing clamps

Put the inner and outer clamps on the hose and fix it with the clamp pressing tool.

  • Oiling

Use an oil brusher to apply hydraulic oil evenly to the hose and clamps for smooth insertion and clamping.

  • Clamping the hose

Insert the hose into the clamping die and press the button of the clamping machine for clamping. Pay attention to the force and time of buckling to avoid damaging the hose or clamps.

  • Check the quality

After the buckling is completed, perform an external inspection of the hose assembly to ensure that the clamps are firmly connected to the hose and that there are no leaks or looseness.

  • Installation test

Install the hose assembly into the hydraulic system and perform a pressure test to ensure proper operation of the hydraulic system.

In conclusion, hydraulic hose assembly buckling is an operation that requires skill and experience. The correct buckling process can ensure the safe and stable operation of the hydraulic system and improve efficiency and productivity.

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